Thursday, 5 December 2013

Max Bordeaux. Enomatic Heaven.

I've just returned from Bordeaux. I might write a small piece on a few of my experiences there a bit later. For now, I'll share my clearest memory. The joy of the Enomatic machines of wine shop by the name of Max Bordeaux.
You know the drill, get a card from the staff and put some money onto it. Stick the card into the little slot slot on the front of the machine and pour yourself a tasting sample. For those not acquainted, here's the company's website.
I only had a limited time to sample, so I just shot a few snaps and jotted down a few impressions.

Cos D'Esturnel 2002

Early maturity, grippy and long.
Truffles and cloves over licqour cassis.

Dripping with class and not overly concentrated.

Chateau Brahans Haut Brion 2005

Dense and showing maturity at the rim. Truffles and some beef consommé on the nose. Spicy and still plenty of years left. The best wine I've drunk so far.

Chateau Canon la Gaffeliere 2008

Sweetened but not jammy. A little animal on the nose. Classic right bank.

A coolness and and mineral component offsetting the fruit. A gent.

Cos D'Estournel Blanc 2009

Very dense green citrus and herbal candy. Almost comedically concentrated. Resinous body and very round. Poor cost performance (?).

Chateau Le Sartre 2010

More stone and acid on the nose. Excellent. Crystalline and focused. Still a little young, but intense green citrus and refined use of oak. No bitterness in the green flavour and wonderful balance for food or apperitif.

As you can see, not exhaustive notes. Great wines to glug back in a very short space of time! If you're in Bordeaux I heartily recommend Max. They're right down town so you'd be a fool to miss out.

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