Monday, 24 March 2014

The self writing blog entry.

Sometimes you really don't have to use much imagination to write about wine. A few flowery adjective and a strong opinion or two will usually do the trick. Sometimes, however, the articles write themselves. Let's see if I can find anything profound to say about Chateau Le Sartre 2010

OK, that's the last stab at any philosophy gags. You can tell from the label, the hint of tobacco smoke, the chic 40s font, that the producers aren't shy about evoking images of the bespectacled French philosopher. They really don't need to. The power of this wine is obvious to anyone.
Bright and yet dense in its hue, the wine appears vividly shimmering in the glass. Lighter in texture and with faster legs than it's colour suggest, it's a bit of charmer straight away.
Tropical palate at first with a good hit of passion fruit and lime. The length impressed.
The longer it was opened the more the flavours broadened. The passion fruit remained but now backed with a hard, crysteline lemon acidity. The flavours in this wine were well balanced and the emergence of a little oak was a welcome addition.
This wine comes highly recommended as it not only impressed me, but three other weather beaten wine enthusiasts. They all liked different aspects of it and if that's not profound, then I don't know if profundity really exists...

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