Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Wines of Yamaya. Part 3: Antonin Rodet Mercurey 2009

Get in! A great value bottle of burgundy from our friends at Yamaya. I picked this up for around 3000 yen at the Karasuma branch and I was pleasently surprised.
Mercurey is the most famous appellation on the Côte Chalonnaise, beating out Rully on production of red wine by some margin, so I had serious doubts whether a large negociant like Antonin Rodet could produce quality at this price point.

On first pouring this is definitely on the richer side for Bourgogne. A dense red colour. With a very broad, fat nose of red fruit. Both fresh and dried fruit are here. Classic cherry, pommegranite and fruitcake. Without much in the way of savoury notes, this wine manages to avoid jamminess or over simplicity.

On the palate there's a touch of residual sugar, but the fruit stands out in broad brush strokes. First comes the cherry sweetness, lifted by a pleasently degree of acid. The flavour mellows into a kind of stone fruit (not really Victoria plum, but it's the closest thing I could think of) smoothness that persists long after wines of a similar price have given up the ghost.
Highly recommended. Get a French rack of lamb from Meat Shop Meister and treat yourself.

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