Thursday, 2 July 2015

Something for the weekend?

Due to the birth of my lovely daughter Iori, Wine Mothership has been on somewhat of a hiatus. Nappies and wine don't go quite as well together as Oysters and stout. Time for a treat. So, what do I like? I like Bordeaux. I like Cabernet Franc. I love 2003. I'm certainly a big fan of not shelling out too much money on wine while my wife is on maternity leave. I'm hoping that this will do the trick.

Chateau La Fleur Pourret 2003. I popped into Wine Grocery on Shijo Horikawa here in Kyoto for a crisp, dry Pinot Blanc and came back with this. 50% Merlot. 44% Cabernet Franc, 6% Cabernet Sauvignon. A shade over ¥3000. Just beginning to show it's age in the colour stakes, this wine's nose isn't the typically plummy affair that we've come to expect from the right bank. There's not only red fruit, but also a degree of baking spice. Mixed spice, already baked in. A few volts of electricity as well. Lightning from the Cabernet Franc, I surmise. Then there's a hint of sweetness on the nose as well. Not from oak as one might expect, but from the lush, ripe fruit of the 2003 vintage. Reading the spiel on this wine, I don't think they use any new oak and I think the wine benefits from it.

In the mouth this wine has just past its peak. The moment I opened it it was accessible and jolly good company as I struggled to start my first article in four months. Some of the Merlot fruit character has turned to stodge, but there's still plenty of quite lively acid to structure and lengthen the wine. Add to that the ghostly blueberry on mid palate and you're beginning to see quite a wine stacking up. There's structure there too. Not particularly fine like freshly conditioned hair, but as soft frivolous and plentiful as Santa's beard. This is a pretty weighty affair for Bordeaux. Tasting it blind I don't think I'd guess this one. My favourite grape/year/region combination and I don't really know what it tastes like? Well I I'm getting a better idea with each glass I drink. 
For the money, I think the combination of weight, fruit and length is hard to beat. Add to that the vigour from Cabernet Franc and you have a very drinkable Bordeaux suitable for all you meaty dishes. Hurry up though, I don't think this'll last much longer. Something for this weekend?

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