Thursday, 27 June 2013

A deal with the Devil

Value Bordeaux. Not two words you see together very often. I got a deal on this. A 2005 classified growth for under ¥5000 is a deal with the Devil. Surely a this kind of wine from this kind of year should command more of a premium? It was with trepidation that I uncorked it, expecting disappointment. Heat damaged in some way, or somewhat sea sick from the long journey to Japan? Of course the first glass was a little closed. The second, drunk the day after, gave me hope. Oh hope. The cruelest of all mistresses.

In this case my hope was not misplaced! Masculine and brooding, this is a Daniel Craig of a wine. The nose has that unmistakable Bordeaux perfume. Cassis and leather. Hint of violets. Wet forest.
Powerful in the mouth, but lacking somewhat in complexity. An almost perfect balance of dark fruit and wood characteristics but none of the floral, vegetal or red fruit character you'd  expect in it's more expensive brethren. Length, medium. I cheated the Devil. Perhaps I should take up the fiddle...

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