Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Libero Wine blowout, Part 3!

Last time I left you I mentioned how I'd done a sterling job of buggering up my 1978 Lopez de Heredia Rioja. Oh well, at least I brought a back-up. Surely  a 2003 Chateau Kirwan should liven things up? Regular readers will know of my unhealthy obsession with Margaux and I was pumped for this one. Nothing but structure. The nose. A Hell's angel that had taken up carpentry. The palate. Cru Bourgeoise. head-bangingly bad value for money or another bottle that wasn't in pristine condition? I don't know for sure but I suspect the latter.
After that, things got more interesting.

To quote Austen Powers. "Yeah baby, yeah."
Sadly, like most of these kind of wines (those who's reputation simply can't be avoided), this disappointed somewhat. In the words of Director Jesse, "It was yummy." and it was.
All structure, no adornment. This wine was a solidly built Victorian army officer of a wine.
This wine hasn't stayed with me through the weeks since this party in the way the Chardonnays have. I simply can't fully enjoy a wine that doesn't have much fruit in the flavour profile. Poor me? Not a bit of it. It's an awesome privilege to be drinking wine like this. Just be careful how you spend your money.
Red of the night was the 2010 Yangarra Ironheart Shiraz. Fruit and terroir, structure and excitement. This wine is still in a young and dynamic phase with the flavours of bramble fruit and red berries alternating as the wine slowly breathed in the decanter. Earthy and spiced in a typically Barossa way, (not in a McLaren vale way) this wine powered through the competition with grace and power. It only showed a little heat early on and it's something that I'd recommend to those that have access to it. Get full value by not drinking it for another five years.
A night that will live long in the memory, now excuse me while I find some decent Chablis. 

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