Monday, 16 September 2013

Vino o Muerte!

Here's a thought. What if something just fell from the sky and hit you on the head. Will there be a fracture? A concussion? At least a nasty bump? This latest sunbeam from the sunny skies of Uruguay certainly came out of the blue but I must say that I feel better for it's impact. ViƱa Progreso Bodega Experimental Open Barrel Tannat. The name is a little difficult to say after a few glasses of the stuff but you'll be glad you said them to your local wine shop owner.

First impressions into the glass were a rich, purpled core fading to a deep lilac rim. All good so far. Smoke on the Water. What an aroma. It's still deeply purple in a way that Prince could identify with. Like a monovarietal Petit Verdot on some serious steroids. And testosterone. Plenty of berries and stone fruit give it a truly regal air. Very up front but distinctive.

After tasting quite a lot nice wine this year (not a lot compared to the pros, but a lot for me) it was nice to get something really different. Not just a novelty either. There's craft at work behind the fruit and the tannin. The open barrel part. I'll quote from the website.

Or I can take a screen cap. The oak is noticeable but is well judged and suits this wine. It isn't noticeably sweetened buy the effects of the barrel. I'm sure the edges of this deeply stone fruited, floral flavour will meld together well and this 2011 vintage should be drinking very well by 2015. It was delicious and I want to drink some more soon.
It might be a long wait though. Bottles like this don't just fall into your lap.

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